DIY Polivoks MODULATOR available!

DIY Polivoks MODULATOR available! 6th June | 2014

Ericas Synths launches another DIY kit - Polivoks MODULATOR clone kit to build a eurorack module. Erica Synths MODULATOR emulates original Polivoks modulator behavior, and has added feature - adjustable amplitude inverted signal output. Check the SHOP to get it now!


ACIDBOX now available!

ACIDBOX now available! 18th May | 2014

Erica Synths ACIDBOX is emulation of the voltage controlled filter from the most famous Russian synthesizer from 80-ties - Polivoks. It's fitted in the small desktop unit and enhanced with versatile tap-tempo LFO and external CV control.

Check SHOP for prices, specs and more videos!



Desktop modules

Desktop modules 4th May | 2014

For smaller, pop-up setups and for musicians riding bikes, the desktop synths are real value!


How it began?

How it began? 4th May | 2014

Back in mid 80ties in my small village primary school library I "borrowed" a book called something like "Junij Radiolubitjel" (Young radio amateur), and started experiments with all kinds of simple electronics. Those involved extracting parts from disposed TV sets (there were no DIY electronic suppliers), installing AM antennas on the roof, wrapping transformer coils to get 250V anode voltage for vacuum tubes, etc.


This is Erica!

This is Erica! 4th May | 2014

Some may wonder "Who a hell is Erica?!". Here she is - a gift from very special person! The label on her says "Erica Big". She has seen every single piece, I have soldered and/or developed over these 3,5 years of actively being involved in building synths.


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