Rare DIY kit components

Now available for ordering - rare parts of Erica Synths DIY kits: 

KR198NT1A; KR118UD1A; K140UD12

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Voltage controlled oscillator AS3340

The AS 3340 is completely self contained, precision voltage controlled oscillator, featuring both exponential and linear control scales and up to four buffered output waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, square, and pulse with voltage controllable pulse width. 

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Voltage controlled envelope generator AS3310

The AS3310 is a self-contained, precision ADSR type of envelope generator, pin to pin compatable with CEM3310. 

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Voltage controlled amplifier AS3360

The AS3360 is a dual general purpose voltage controlled transconductor intended for such applications as voltage controlled amplifiers, filters, and waveform generators. 

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Voltage controlled filter AS3320

The AS3320 is a high performance voltage controlled four-pole filter with on-chip voltage controllable resonance IC.

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Knobs for Alpha potentiometers

As we started to develop skiff format modules (Dtech VCF and Polivoks(ish) VCO), we realized. we need knobs that fit Alpha potentiometers with imperial shaft. So we decided to make them available!

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PNP matched transistors

PNP matched transistors in DIP8 case!

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NPN matched transistors in DIP8 case

Famous LM394 matched transistors analogue made in Latvia. NB! transistor configuration is the same, but pins are shifted up - please refer to pdf manual below!

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AS394 matched transistors

Freshly made in Latvia matched transistor pair, equivalent to LM394! Gold plated pins and metal can TO-5 case!

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Eurorack power transformer

Configurable 110V/220V primary winding and 2x12V secondary winding transformers, ideal for eurorack PSUs. 36VA transformer is ideal for up to 2x1,5A PSUs, 72VA transformer - for 2x3A PSUs.


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