The most authentic sounding Polivoks VCF emulation available as DIY kit in three options - PCB+ICs, PCB+ICs+panel, full kit with all parts. The original Russian ICs K140UD12 are used in the sound circuit. Eurorack standard front panel. Updated version V2.0 is available!


  • PCB + set of ICs = 26EUR
  • PCB + set of ICs + panel = 43EUR
  • Full kit (PCB + set of transistors + panel + all parts needed) = 75EUR
  • Assembled module = 105EUR

+21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping


Erica Synths Polivoks VCF on Modulargrid

See the build thread @ Muffwigglers!


Technical specifications:

Filter Mode


Input signal level

10V ptp

CV signal level

10V ptp

Power supply

eurorack standard +-12V (works form +-15V by replacing the resistor - see the manual)

Power consumption

10mA (+12V), 10mA (-12)


Disclaimer: please, if you have any questions on missing parts or similar issues, contact us within 1 months after receiving the kit!