Fusion VCO


Erica Synths Fusion VCO is special kind of VCO – it fuses great tuning of digital VCO with warm, unique sound of vacuum tubes that work in suboscillator circuit. 

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Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble

Erica Synths Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble module is distinct multifunctional analogue effects module that combines BBD chip based effects with an adjustable tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path for extra thickness of sound.

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Fusion Ring Modulator V2

Erica Fusion Ring Modulator – a classic design ring modulator with germanium diode ring + vacuum tube to boost and shape audio and carrier signals.

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Fusion Mixer V3

Erica Fusion dual Mixer module is designed to mix and overdrive audio signals on the vacuum tube.

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Fusion VCA

OUT OF PRODUCTION! New version is on the way!

Classical VCA with great tube (pentode 6Z1P) distortion option when input level knob is full up.

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Fusion VCF

OUT OF PRODUCTION! New version is on the way!

VCF with wide range of sonic possibilities. From warm, juicy sound to extreme, distorted and self-resonating screams.

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Fusion 6VAC PSU

Erica Fusion modules have insignificant (max 15mA) power consumption from eurorack power supply unit(PSU), but they require separate, easy to install 6VAC PSU for tube heaters. Erica Fusion 6VAC PSU is designed to power up to 7 Erica Fusion modules. When ordering, please make sure, you select a Fusion PSU that is configured for the voltage in your country. ERICA FUSION PSU COMES FOR FREE, WHEN ORDERING 2 OR MORE ERICA FUSION MODULES.

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