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Biggest sale up to date!

This Black Friday Erica Synths launches a sale of a diverse array of music instruments for all tastes and needs - from powerful oscillators, drums and noise sources to utility modules and unique FX. Eurorack modules listed below will be available with 40% off from 25th to 28th of November.


Bass Drum2 


Black BBD 

Black Code Source 

Black Code Source Expander 

Black Double Bass 

Black Dual VCF

Black K-Phaser 

Black LP VCF / HP VCF / VCF Coupler Set 

Black Mute Mixer 

Black Output V2 

Black Quad VCA 

Black Stereo Mixer V3 

Black VC Clock V2 

Black VCA V2

Black VCO2 

Black XFade 


Fusion VCO 

Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble

The Cursible 

The Mini-Ark 

Tracer City 

Wow & Flutter

To further endorse Music For Peace fundraising campaign all of the re-designed Snazzy FX units - The Mini-Ark, Tracer City and Wow & Flutter, Black Code Source, Black Code Source Expander, Black Double Bass and Fusion VCO will also be available with extra 40% off & proceeds from sales will be donated to humanitarian aid organizations in Ukraine.

6 months, 3 weeks ago

5 questions with Russell E.L. Butler

Erica Synths launches artist feature series 5 questions with... We speak to breakthrough artists, pioneering musicians & creatives from different backgrounds and places.

7 months ago

Last SYNTRX stock

The very last units of SYNTRX are now available for a lower price!

7 months ago

Motor Synth MKII & Plasma Drive sale!

To celebrate Motor Synth MKII by our friends Gamechanger Audio get Plasma Drive with 10% off!