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EDU DIY System & Kit Set

Bundles of all the EDU DIY kits in two configurations are now available!

We – Erica Synths and Moritz Klein – have developed a series of educational DIY kits under the brand name mki x es.EDU with one specific goal in mind: to teach people with little-to-no prior experience how to design analog synthesizer circuits from scratch. What you’ll find in the box is not simply meant to be soldered together and then disappear in your rack. Instead, we want to take you through the circuit design process step by step, explaining every choice we’ve made and how it impacts the finished module.


mki x es.EDU DIY System includes:

mki x es.EDU DIY Kit Set includes:

12 months ago

EDU DIY Wavefolder

Provide a ton of unusual timbres for your patches with the Wavefolder!

1 year ago

Pērkons HD-01 1.0 firmware update!

New firmware for Pērkons HD-01 drum machine is now available! This update brings few tweaks for the voices and sequencer.

1 year ago

LXR Drum Module

LXR eurorack module is a compact and great-sounding percussion synthesizer based on the sound engine of the LXR-02 drum machine.