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Bassline DB-01 Firmware 1.07

New Bassline DB-01 firmware is now available! It adds pattern switching via MIDI program change, new LFO features and squashes some bugs!


- Pattern switching with MIDI program change messages

MIDI program change message "Bank" selects bank, "Program" selects pattern! There are 8 banks of 16 patterns available. For example - to select second pattern from Bank 4, you need to send MIDI program change message - Bank = 4, Program = 2

- LFO phase offset setting added

With this setting you can adjust the LFO wave phase offset. For example If you Have LFO reset on and sine selected as the LFO waveform, if you will set the phase to 90 degrees the Sine will reset from its peak point instead of zero crossing point as it would be with phase setting 0

- LFO rate setting added

Range setting sets the available LFO frequency range. LOW - lowest synced division is /64 and highest multiplication is x8 / HI - Lowest division is /16 and highest multiplication is x32

- New LFO waveform (TAR - Triple Ascending Ramp)

- Improved MIDI clock

- Bug Fixes

Update procedure:

1. Download the latest audio bootloader file HERE
2. Connect your audio interfaces output to the Bassline CLK IN input jack
3. Set the FM LVL pot to about 12'o clock position
4. Power on the Bassline while holding down both (SELECT/BACK) encoders
5. If the unit shows "DFU" on its screen you have successfully entered the bootloader
6. Now play back the audio file with media player which you have the audio file loaded in
7. If the counter on screen is running the update is running successfully
8. After finishing the update process unit will boot up in normal operational mode automatically

Find the newly updated manual HERE

NB! If you experience problems during update please try different media player and also check audio output level on your audio interface. If you still experience problems during or after the update please open a ticket via our support system HERE.

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