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Black CV Tools

Black CV Tools is fully analogue CV and audio processor module designed for advanced manipulations with signals – mixing, scaling, offsetting, wave-shaping, et cetera.

The module has several configurations achievable via jumpers on the PCB



2x3 channel audio and CV mixer with unity gain 

2x attenuverters/boosters and bipolar offset 

Min and Max function extractor 

+5V reference 

LED bipolar level indicators

6 months ago

Workshop: Unusual Controllers and Patches

Amsterdam calling! A workshop by Girts at Modular Moon this Friday

6 months ago


This year on February 25th we have scheduled the release of what is probably the most impatiently waited and the last one to join the drum series modules - the Sample Drum.

6 months ago

Find Gamechanger Audio @ booth 3347

Even though you won't find us at the NAMM Show 2019, you can find the upcoming Plasma Drive along with Bassline, Graphic VCO, Bass Drum, Snare, Hi-Hats D and other modules within the Gamechanger Audio - booth 3347!