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Black Sequencer Firmware 1.04

Black sequencer firmware 1.04 is now available! It adds output quantiser which can quantise track outputs in real time or rewrite notes in the sequence. Update also adds new track and synced LFO time divisions.


* Output Quantiser functionality

* Additional /16 and /32 track time divisions

* Additional /6, /12, /24, /32, /64, /128 synced LFO ratios

* Incoming Reset IN is passed to Reset OUT

* Bug fixes:
  + Synced LFO phase did not reset correctly after new start
  + ADSR envelope did not have Attack and Decay when played with external gate or MIDI

NB! Before updating to 1.04 please back up your PROJECTS folder as this update changes the structure of saved patterns. If you do not back up your PROJECTS patterns there is a slight chance that you might loose your sequences! So please do the backup of your PROJECTS folder while you are copying the new 1.03 firmware on your SD card.

Check page 7 on the manual for detailed description of the new output quantiser functionality!

Download 1.04 update file here

To update your unit to the latest firmware please download the update file and copy it to the root of the SD card. After that boot up your eurorack case and sequencer should recognise latest firmware automatically, if that doesn’t happen hold down the DATA encoder on the sequencer when powering up your eurorack case and you will enter the bootloader manually.

If you experience any problems during update please open a ticket via SUPPORT!

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