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Bullfrog Drums

Erica Synths x Richie Hawtin latest addition to the Bullfrog ecosystem.

The Bullfrog synthesizer, a collaboration between Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin, was created as an educational tool to encourage people of all ages to explore music technology. It guides users through the principles of sound physics, subtractive synthesis, and the basics of modular synthesizers. The Bullfrog invites everyone to unlock their musicality while combining the thrill of electronic music production with a comprehensive learning experience.

We have decided to expand the Bullfrog ecosystem by adding another essential component for electronic music production: Bullfrog Drums. Now, combining Bullfrog or Bullfrog XL with Bullfrog Drums creates a complete and self-sustained contemporary electronic music production and performance setup.

Richie Hawtin, a pioneer in rhythmic electronic music and one of the world's most renowned techno artists, has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Adding an educational drum machine as his latest endeavor is a logical and consistent step in our combined efforts to inspire the next generation and make electronic music technology more accessible. 

''As a producer who’s created many percussion-only tracks under my Plastikman moniker, it only makes sense to add a drum machine to our developing Bullfrog ecosystem.  This exciting development will allow both novices and pro’s a new way to learn drum programming and enjoy some fun new capabilities that we plan to feature on our new machine!'' - Richie Hawtin

The main focus of Bullfrog Drums is to teach drum programming and the basics of sampling. Its user interface, inspired by classic drum machines, includes everything necessary for building advanced drum patterns using sampled drum sounds. The synth features seven sample-based drum voices, each with hands-on sample manipulation, including tuning, start point, sample length, attack, decay, overdrive and stereo panning. Bullfrog Drums will contain an easy-to-program CV/Gate sequencer to allow Bullfrog Drums to be paired with the Bullfrog synthesizer. More in-depth features are coming soon!

Bullfrog Drums will be available via and the best electronic music retailers across the globe by the end of 2024

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