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Case & PSU for mki x es.EDU DIY modules!

A reliable and safe power supply unit (PSU) and enclosure for mki x es. EDU DIY series modules.

The mki x project takes you on a journey of building a complete, self-contained eurorack system. Those who are already into eurorack will find the mki x modules to be a nice addition to their existing systems, but those who are about to take their first steps into modular synthesizers will need a reliable and safe power supply unit (PSU) and enclosure. 

We designed a DIY eurorack PSU based on a DC/DC converter that turns +12VDC from a wall wart AC/DC adapter into eurorack standard bipolar +-12V. This ensures the voltage in your eurorack system never exceeds 12V and any area in your eurorack case is safe to touch. In order to reduce the overall cost of the case we do not use eurorack rails with threaded inserts or sliding nuts, instead, there are pre-drilled, threaded holes to accommodate the modules of the mki x system in a specific order. 

NB! The enclosure & PSU are designed specifically to accommodate DIY modules from mki x series modules in a specific order to make a complete system.

DIY eurorack case for mki x es.EDU system @ SHOP

2 years, 2 months ago

SonalSystem sample packs for Sample Drum!

SonalSystem have created three free packs for the Sample Drum module!

2 years, 2 months ago


Second kit in the DIY EDU series - VCA - is now available!

2 years, 2 months ago

AS3109 & AS3080 now available!

New ICs added to the shop!