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LIVE NOW! ESG: Floodtracks, Puffin, Labais Dama

ESG will stream 3 live performances today at 5PM CET



Having played in a number of post-rock, metal and experimental bands, Andrius carries the same distorted guitar inspired aesthetics to the live electronics project Floodtracks. Even though the guitar is no longer present on stage, most of the tracks feature sampled guitar amp noises, hisses and chords that turn calm passages and clean instruments into intense wall of sound waves. 



Latvian producer who brings dark side of electronic dance music to the masses. Puffin has been producing music since mid-2000s, not limiting himself by style, he keeps experimenting with genres and sounds through decades. Currently he is combining electronic musician career with playing bass guitar in death metal band Mayla. Puffin's music has slight metal influence in terms of atmosphere and energy, at the same time it perfectly fits club's dance floor. Dmitrijs did several remarkable collaborations with his fellow producer Urbanstep, also shared DJ booth with such artists as Zardonic, The Qemists and Dance with the Dead. In 2019 Puffin's debut album "HOME" was nominated for Annual Latvian Music Recording Award for Electronic Music Album.



Labais Dama is a radical underground project from Latvia, the artist who works on different media as both musician and performance artist lately has developed a bold acid techno live set using hardware synths. ''Started out as drunk project, turned out to be serious shit. Labais Dama creates a swoon, that delivers you the same effect as LSD, Chrystal Meth and Heroin combined.'' 

Live visuals on LZX Industries video modular by VJ Zenon

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AS3394E & AS3372E now available!

AS3394E Synthesizer voice & AS3372E Signal processor – VC Mixer, VCF, VCA