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ESG: Planet of Resistors, Nikola Negorod

LIVE NOW! Erica Synths Garage will stream performances of Planet of Resistors and Nikola Negorod


Planet Of Resistors (Alexandra Peck, Platon Buravicky, Kaspars Rolsteins) performances are acts of live composition. Often only lyrics and scraps of melodies survive from one performance to the next. The particular electronic instruments they use can be wild and unpredictable, adding a further element of risk to their performances. That’s the way they like it.


Nikola’s captivation to music was born and raised within his family - his father was also a musician. First interest in the world of sounds appeared when the artist heard so-called “live translations” on radio channels. Playing music on tape decks as well as stopping of the tape helped Nikola and his neighbor to create unheard sounds and music effects during recordings. These musical experiments made Nikola Negorod recognized in his hometown. Nowadays in the creation process, Nikola uses analog, modular and VST synthesizers, as well as different musical instruments combined with digital technologies. His inspiration comes from classical musicians and rare tracks found in Nikola's vinyl collection. His first appearance in the scene was in 2011 as an arranger-keyboardist together with Ksenia Kamikaza. In 2012 Nikola became a member of Platz für Tanz label which includes many famous Latvian artists. Duet Esoniq+Negorod became known because of their live performances dedicated to house and techno. Currently, Nikola Negorod plays live performances and publishes his music on different music labels.


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