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Fresh update for the new FX modules!

New firmware update is now available for all three new generation FX modules.

New firmware update is now available for all three new generation FX modules - Black Stereo Reverb, Black Stereo Delay 2 and Drum Stereo FX.

This update enhances the FX algorithms on all modules therefore making them sound better as ever. Few minor bug fixes are also included in these updates.

Download new firmwares here:

Black Stereo Reverb Firmware 1.1

Black Stereo Delay 2 Firmware 1.1

Drum Stereo FX Firmware 1.1

Update procedure:

1. Download the audio file to your computer.

2. Turn off your Eurorack system and connect the audio output (headphones out or audio output from a soundcard) to the L(MONO) IN of the Black Stereo Reverb module. Set the TYPE switch to the D position (lowest)

3. Push and hold the SHIFT and FREEZE buttons simultaneously (or PATCH encoder on the Drum Stereo FX module) and turn the Eurorack system on. The five LEDs on the right-hand side will start blinking, indicating that the firmware update mode is active.

4. Now, play the audio file from your computer. The left five LEDs will indicate the audio level of the incoming firmware file. At least 3 LEDs have to be illuminated for a sufficient audio level. If less than 3 LEDs are active, flip the TYPE switch to the B position to increase the audio level of the incoming signal.

5. The firmware update will take few minutes. During the firmware update a blinking FREEZE button indicates that the update is going well, a blinking SHIFT button indicates an error. In case of an error, retry the update from step 1.

6. Once the update is completed, restart your rack.

Have fun!

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