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Fusion series: VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator

A complex modulation source that combines VCA, waveshaper and ringmodulator.

It’s not a regular VCA; it can operate as one, but most of the power of the module is in advanced modulations – with two CVs applied simultaneously to different stages of the VCA, audio rate modulations, using ringmodulator as a waveshaper – your imagination is a limit! 


  • Fully analogue design 
  • Vacuum tube based VCA – two miniature pentodes for better gain reduction 
  • Two unconventional CV controls – CVs are not mixed, but they control different grid voltages of the tubes 
  • Manual VCA bias control 
  • Manual overdrive 
  • Input corossfader 
  • Built-in ringmodulator 
  • Direct switch for conventional VCA mode 
  • Low power consumption due to miniature vacuum tubes 

Available from June 5th 

RRP: 290 (VAT excl.)

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