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Hexinverter Électronique

Erica Synths is honoured and excited to announce taking over manufacturing and sales of several of the iconic Hexinverter Électronique modules.

In September 2022 Stacy Gaudreau - the founder of Hexinverter Électronique, announced closing down the operations at a yet undetermined date within 2023. Unfortunately the recent supply chain issues have created an unsustainable climate for small scale electronics manufacturers. 

Following their announcement Erica Synths in cooperation with Hexinverter Électronique saw a way for their incredible and truly unique music instruments to keep on inspiring musicians and finding home in countless studios to come. We strongly believe the effort and innovation incorporated in Hexinverter Électronique eurorack modules is far too great to prematurely become history. 

Erica Synths will take over the manufacturing, sales and support* of the following Hexinverter Électronique modules: Mutant Brain (now available @ SHOP), Mindphaser and Mutant Machine (within 2023).

*While retaining all functionality of Hexinverter Électronique modules, Erica Synths redesigned the hardware of modules and will provide support for reissue modules only.

1 year, 6 months ago


Protect your Pērkons HD-01, SYNTRX or SYNTRX II from damage at home, in the studio or on the stage!

1 year, 6 months ago

MusicRadar Awards 2022

Pērkons HD-01 and Black K-Phaser voted the best gear of 2022!

1 year, 6 months ago


SYNTRX II is now available!