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LXR-02 Eurorack Module


The LXR-02, a fully-fledged digital drum machine with an integrated sequencer by Sonic Potions and Erica Synths, was launched less than a year ago and it quickly gained instant recognition among sound designers and preforming musicians. Due to the popularity of this design, we decided to create a a compact and great-sounding eurorack module based on the sound engine of the LXR-02. While retaining the core interface of the LXR-02, this module adds the essential eurorack ingredient - assignable CV control over parameters. Introducing the LXR eurorack module - a digital percussion and bassline powerhouse for your rack!


  • 6 drum/percussion voices

  • 7 trigger inputs with accents
  • 3 voices can be used as basslines

  • Powerful sound design engine

  • Over 30 adjustable parameters per voice

  • 5 assignable CV inputs

  • Insert FX section

  • 4 assignable outputs

  • Kit memory

  • SD card for Kit exchange and easy FW updates

  • Kits compatible with the LXR-02

  • Module width - 28 HP

RRP: 410 EUR (VAT excl.)

MAP: 499 USD

Available summer 22'

1 year, 11 months ago



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