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AS13704, AS194, AS3046D, AS3280

5 new integrated circuits now available!


AS13704 Quad Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA) with linearizing diodes. The AS13704D consists of four current-controlled transconductance amplifiers OTA, each with differential inputs and a push-pull output.

AS194DE & AS194H

The AS194 and AS394 are junction isolated ultra well-matched monolithic NPN transistor pairs with an order of magnitude improvement in matching over conventional transistor pairs. 


The AS3046 consists of five general purpose silicon NPN transistors on a common monolithic substrate. Two of the transistors are internally connected to form a differentially-connected pair. The transistors are well suited to a wide variety of applications in low power system.


AS3280 – Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier. The AS3280 and AS3280A types consist of two variable operational amplifiers that are designed to substantially reduce the initial input offset voltage and the offset voltage variation with respect to changes in programming current.

3 months, 1 week ago

Dada Noise Sound Demo

Hands on action with the Liquid Sky Dada Noise

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DIY: How?

A guide to building & soldering your own synthesizer

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Hi-Hats A

Sound demo of Hi-Hats A is now available