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Pērkons HD-01 1.0 firmware update!

New firmware for Pērkons HD-01 drum machine is now available! This update brings few tweaks for the voices and sequencer.


Voice changelog:

- V3A2: MODE now sets the retrigger amount for the algorithm
- V4A2: Fixed space snare signal path crushing signal, added Mode-waveform select, added param2 as overtone multiplier selector
- V4A1-3: Halve minimum decay times
- V3A3: Added transient selection to Karplus strong modes

Sequencer changelog:

- New Function: All voice param change when SHIFT + pot is turned
- New Function: Mod param clear per step - hold steps & press CLEAR
- New Setting: Filter switch slew behaviour
- New Setting: Trig MUTE mode option
- Bug fix: False trigger on unmute. When setting extra param on 'off' step, velocity not set
- Bug fix: Shift LED not lit when in Track config view
- Bug fix: MIDI Clock IN clock message rush in bug
- Swap MIDI and Analog clock config

In order to update the firmware of the PĒRKONS HD-01, remove the SD card from the synth and power it off. Connect the SD card to your computer and place the firmware update file onto the root directory of the card. Eject the card from your computer and place it back into the PĒRKONS. Mind the orientation - the golden pin strips should face upwards (you can see a printed icon indicating this on the panel of the synth). Hold all four voice trigger keys simultaneously while powering on the PĒRKONS - you will see the first row of sequencer steps light up - you can release the keys once the steps begin illuminating. Once the entire first row has lit up, the third row will light up, followed by the second and fourth rows. Once the final row has lit up, the PĒRKONS will boot normally - the firmware update has been installed successfully!


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