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Pērkons Kit Pack 1 is now available!

This pack contains 32 kits crafted by HRTL to kickstart your next adventure with Pērkons!

Install the kits by placing the “01” folder onto your Pērkons SD card BANKS folder. Bank featuring the new kits is named “01” meaning it will replace the second bank you already might have on your Pērkons unit, so if you want to put it into a different BANK just rename the folder (for example to 02) before putting it into the BANKS folder! The pack features just kits and have no patterns in it!

To change the currently loaded BANK press and hold PATTERN+KIT buttons and one of the 64 step keys (to load the 01 BANK press the second step key).

After you enter the kit menu you will see the top 64 step buttons lit. There the kits are structured into four groups of eight kits (from left to right).

1. DRUM (traditional drum-machine sounds)

2. BONK (percussion and synthesizer combos)

3. POLY (tuned melodic percussion sounds)

4. SFX (experimental and generative sounds)

The remaining 32 kits in the bank are empty and reserved for your own kits and variations of the presets.

Tip: Let your pattern loop and try to swap between the kits into the beat!

Have fun!


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