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Superbooth 2024: NIGHTVERB

A unique new hardware reverb effects unit developed in collaboration with 112dB.

We focused on the musical aspect of the effect – extremely long decay tails are possible without losing harmonic integrity and since multiple parameters can be adjusted at once, notes can be played individually and held in chords, pitch-shifted at a whim or used to create massive, ambient textures. 

Introducing the Nightverb – a stereo reverb with a unique and musical custom algorithm, save/recall functions for all parameters, all in a sleek aluminum case to aesthetically match our lineup of desktop units.

Available summer 2024

2 months ago

Bullfrog XL

Erica Synths x Richie Hawtin Bullfrog XL is now available!

2 months, 3 weeks ago

EDU DIY Snare Drum

No drum machine is really complete without a punchy, snappy Snare Drum.

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Mutant Hot Glue

Mutant Hot Glue has been faithfully re-designed, paying homage to the original design, with an improved compressor developed in collaboration with Hexinverter Electronique