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Voice cards for Bullfrog!

Now available 3 new expansion cards: Highpass VCF, Electric Organ and Wind and Stars.

Voice cards expand functionality of the Bullfrog and make it even more versatile. Some voicecards replace patch cables - they connect the "modules* of the Bullfrog internally, while other have built in mixers, signal generators and advanced electrical circuits to control the synthesizer.

Elevate your Bullfrog synthesizer by expanding its sonic horizons with the new voice cards: Highpass VCF, Electric Organ, and Wind and Stars. These voice cards bring enhanced sound manipulation, captivating pipe organ tones showcasing the intricacies of additive synthesis, and ethereal wind and stars sounds that unfold randomly, creating dreamy electronic lullabies. Available separately and as a bundle. 


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The story of how Bullfrog came to be

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