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Zen Delay firmware 1.1.0

Firmware update is now available!

Zen Delay 1.1.0 changelog

- Improved digital delay algorithm

- Improved MIDI Sync

- Fixed scale for the TIME pot when in sync mode

Update procedure:

1. Download the latest firmware audio bootloader file HERE

2. Connect your audio interface output to the Zen Delay left input

3. Push and hold the TAP button while powering on the unit. If the TAP button starts blinking fast that means you have successfully entered the audio bootloader mode.

4. Turn the IN LEVEL knob to a 12 o'clock position.

5. Now open and play the firmware update audio .wav file on your computer and the update process will start automatically.

6. After successful update the TAP button will stop blinking and unit is ready to be used!

If the orange LED over the IN LEVEL knob turns yellow that means that something has went wrong during the update. Please double check your computers audio interface output level or try a different media player. If you still have problems updating your unit please open a ticket via our SUPPORT section.

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