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3x126 Skiff Monster Case on sale!

The price has never been this low! Don't sleep on it and get yours while the stock lasts!

As Erica Synths has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of the 3x126HP Skiff Monster Case the new recommended retail price is 460 EUR (VAT excl.) instead of 550 EUR (VAT excl.).

3x126HP Skiff Monster Case is exactly what you need if you take modular synths seriously. With an enclosure this big you won't need to make compromises. This enclosure is not only perfect for studio use, but will also work in a live performance set-up as the size & weight is reasonably mobile. And you can always choose side panels for horizontal or vertical placement! 

3x126HP Monster Case @ SHOP

8 months, 1 week ago


Your chance to win Pico System III, Erica Synths merchandise & vinyl records!

8 months, 3 weeks ago

New online platform for Erica Synths Garage

Interviews with Martin Gore, Headless Horseman, Mixhell, broadcasts, articles and more!

9 months ago

Modular Moon

New book for modular synthesis beginners!