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Modular Moon

New book for modular synthesis beginners!

Modular Moon reflects the modular synthesis school curriculum, chapter by chapter involving the newbie into modular synthesis (and sound synthesis / music producing / performing in general). Starting with physics of sound and eurorack standards, the book is based on "Given System" that was configured from very basic and affordable modules, that represent basic synthesis building blocks: Signal controllers (trig + seq); Signal generators (VCO/Lfo + VCO) ; Signal modifier ( VCF ) ; Signal Controller (EG) ; Signal modifier (VCA). Each block explained individually in theory+practice form (with patch examples). 

From basic building blocks the book evolves into more complex patches, with added effect modules. Then it continues with multilayered examples patches, that show how a person can build a performance. Besides that there is practice of few synthesis methods with according additional modules; brief synthesis history in timeline, including modern days; studio set up configurations; post processing and live performance tips . DIY introduction with a pocket synthesizer and basic electronics. The book initially was created for students of the school, yet later decision was made to make it public available. 


Order yours and find more information @ Modular Moon

4 years ago

DIY kits are now open source!

As Erica Synths discontinues its legacy DIY eurorack projects, we have decided to make them open source.

4 years ago

Bassline DB-01 update V 1.05

New firmware update for the Desktop Bassline DB-01 is now available!

4 years ago

Fusion modules on sale!

Several of the previous generation Fusion modules are now on sale!