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All you need to know about Envelopes!

In depth guide by Monotrail!


The Erica Synths Black DADSR (Delay-Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release) is a fully analogue envelope generator that gives you extended control over events in your modular synth. It’s a looping exponential envelope generator that has voltage control over each stage of the envelope. An independent Gate Delay section adds extra functionality to design advanced soundscapes, like delayed modulation effects, wave morphing, etc.


The Erica Synths Envelope Generator 2 is a re-triggerable, looping envelope generator with some unconventional features that are very useful for experimental setups. What sets the Black EG2 apart from other envelope generators is its optional GATE LENGTH setting, which allows for generating full ADSR envelopes even if a short trigger is used at the input. Likewise, in LOOP mode, the module outputs a full ADSR envelope instead of a classical AD envelope. The gate length is both manual and CV controlled, which allows for using this envelope generator in compact modular setups controlled by trigger sequencers only.

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