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Black Ring-XFade

A versatile tool for sound-shaping!

The Erica Synths Black Ring-Xfade is an extremely versatile module for sound shaping. It consists of two unconventional ringmodulators/waveshapers, a crossfader that works both for audio and CV and a VCA. Unlike conventional ringmodulator that works only with a signal present on both signal and carrier inputs, the Black Ring-Xfade passes through the signal without alteration, if no carrier is present, but low level signals on the carrier input result in unique waveshaping. Add the crossfader between two ringmodulators (or for an external signals) topped up with the VCA, and you have an amplitude modulation powerplant for your modular system.

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3 years ago

Black Sequencer Firmware 1.04

Black sequencer firmware 1.04 is now available! It adds output quantiser which can quantise track outputs in real time or rewrite notes in the sequence. Update also adds new track and synced LFO time divisions.

3 years ago

Erica Synths x ĶepuĶepā

Donating to an animal shelter in Latvia!

3 years ago

Black Dual ASR EG

A new dual EG module!