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Bonedo reviews Sample Drum

5 out of 5 stars, sound demo and an excellent review!

I have extensively tested almost every available eurorack sample module. The Erica Synths Sample Drum module is clearly one of the best. Based on the functions and the practical user interface, I would even call it currently the best available sample module. Here, Erica Synths have done everything right. There are no points that are in question, and none that could be better. 

The range of functions offered has been cleverly chosen and implemented in a practical way so that nothing stands in the way of a fast workflow. In addition, processing and sound are on the winning side, as well as the low latency. The example of the Erica Synths Sample Drum module clearly shows that perfectly thought-out and perfectly functioning modules are in short supply in the flooded eurorack area. I myself will get the Sample Drum module and can therefore recommend it to any user without hesitation. Full points!

Full article in German here

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