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Drum Stereo FX and Stereo DJ VCF

Explore a collection of custom hi-fi delay and reverb effects with the Stereo FX module, driven by our new DSP engine or, sculpt your sounds with the Stereo DJ VCF, delivering the distinctive filtering style commonly found on DJ decks.


The STEREO FX module brings hi-fi stereo effects into the Erica Synths Drum Series. Based on our new DSP engine, the module provides a wide range of custom delay and reverb effects. CV control over various parameters and the ability to save up to 10 presets will make this module an integral part of any performance rack.

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As its name suggests, the Erica Synths DJ VCF STEREO module provides sound treatment functionality typically found on DJ decks – it is fully open when the cutoff knob is at 12:00. When turned counter-clockwise, lowpass filtering is applied and when turned clockwise, highpass filtering is initiated. Additionally, there is a nice-sounding, adjustable resonance parameter. This provides hands-on control over the sound during performances as well as unconventional timbre modulations that are hard to achieve with conventional state variable filters.

Stereo DJ VCF @ SHOP

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