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Drum Synthesizer LXR-02

A fully-fledged digital drum machine with an integrated sequencer is now available!

LXR-02 Drum Synthesizer

Two companies - Sonic Potions and Erica Synths joined efforts to develop a drum machine that would stand apart from the masses and the LXR-02 was born. The LXR is a fully-fledged digital drum machine with an integrated sequencer. Its sound engine provides 6 different instruments, each with over 30 parameters to tweak, producing sounds from classic analogue emulations to crunchy digital mayhem, thus offering some of the most extensive sound design capabilities found on a drum synthesizer. Its compact, durable design and clear user interface make it ideal for live gigs.

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2 years, 12 months ago

Summer Solstice in Latvia

Erica Synths team will be out of the office from 23rd of June until 28th of June!

3 years ago

The Cursible is now available!

Orders are now open for everyone!

3 years ago

Leo Novus & Die Trepanation live

Performances from Erica Synths' Leo Novus & Die Trepanation at the concert hall ''Latvija''