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Graphic VCO firmware update 1.1

Graphic VCO firmware update is out! Find out whats new and how to update.

Graphic VCO firmware update 1.1 changelog

  • DRUM mode (allows to use GVCO as a drum voice)
  • Fine tuning 
  • Calibration
  • Minor bug fixes

To update please follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the module from the rack and disconnect the PSU cable

  2. Open Google Chrome and open Erica Synths Firmware Updater App. 
  3. Connect the module to the USB port of your computer
  4. Select a Graphic VCO module form the list

  5. Push and hold both encoders and turn on the eurorack case
  6. Press "Program" on the update app
  7. Have fun!

Find the updated manual here.

And here is a demo of the new DRUM mode!

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