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Hexinverter Mindphaser & VCNO

Now available!


Mindphaser is a next generation complex dual oscillator for the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. Its dual oscillator architecture builds on and advances principles developed decades ago, by pioneers of electronic music synthesis. 

Mindphaser generates sounds through its dual VCO cores: the Carrier and Modulator, and in addition to these cores, a palette of intermodulation capability is offered through the Modulation Bus (ModBus) and a separate, supplementary through-zero phase modulation (TZ-PM) bus. The sound is further sculpted by a final set of tools contained in the Waveshaper, before reaching the final output.



VCNO is a noise oscillator, capable of producing full spectrum white noise and various random signals. But that’s where its similarity to other noise generators stops. VCNO can be used like a VCO – you can modulate the pitch over CV and use its multiple outputs simultaneously, each with a distinct sonic character. As well, you can patch it into a VCA or use it to modulate and trigger other elements in your modular system.


8 months, 2 weeks ago

New FX modules!

Black Stereo Reverb and Black Stereo Delay 2 now available!

9 months, 3 weeks ago


Now available!

9 months, 3 weeks ago

All you need to know about Envelopes!

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