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LXR-02 Firmware update 1.3

LXR-02 firmware update 1.3 is now available! It's a maintenance update with improved oscillator tuning and bunch of bug fixes.

LXR-02 V1.3 changelog

- feature: Main OSC coarse tuning changed to +/- value, corresponds with seq value now (coarse 0 = set sequencer note, -12 = one octave below, +12 one octave above)
- fixed: Shuffle setting not saving (when changing patterns after saving pattern)
- fixed: Interface errors when selecting FX types. encoder does not leave FX Mode detail menu anymore
- fixed: Voice stuck in manual trigger when simultaneously muting any voice.
- fixed: MIDI CC only working on master channel 1 (works now on all master channels)
- fixed: USB MIDI not transmitting to host
- fixed: possible freeze when using song mode with END marker after restarting the song.
- fixed: seq_songPositionPointer not reset @ song end
- fixed: song mode list skips entries when the same pattern is in consecutive slots
- fixed: MIDI program changes after 8 don't work
- fixed: possible freeze when setting BPM to EXT while seq is running
- fixed: analogue clock out out of sync when slaved to MIDI clock

Update procedure

1) Download update files HERE
2) Delete all .img files from previous updates from the SD card
3) Copy all 3 *.img files to the SD card
4) Initiate update like always by holding DATA encoder during power up
5) New main firmware is installed! Display says “please reboot”, restart the unit!
6) Bootloader will be updated! Screen says "reboot and hold encoder" - restart the unit and hold the DATA encoder!
7) LXR Updater 2 will start which will install the V1.3 main firmware!

NB! Its always a good thing to back up your SD card contents before running the update in case the projects get scrambled during or after the update.

If you experience any problems during update please open a ticket via SUPPORT

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