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LXR-02 Firmware update 1.6

LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth firmware update 1.6 is now available! It is a maintenance update which fixes bunch of bugs and improves the overall performance of the unit.


- fixed: SEQ LEDs not initialized after tmp pattern load/boot

- fixed: missing feedback for NRPN parameter changes

- fixed: prog change above 116 crash LXR

- fixed: MIDI channel handling for CC messages (use voice channel as well)

- fixed: loading and saving of invalid tmp pattern (pat 65 bug)

- fixed: fixed small bug in snare drum transient being limited to noise channel when using OSC mix.


> Copy the latest LXR_V2_xxx.img to the root of the SD card.
> Push and hold the encoder button while turning on the device.
> “LXR Bootloader” will pop up in the display.
> The LXR will check if the firmware image is valid and has the proper checksum.
> If the check is passed, the update will be installed.
> Do not turn off the power during installation!
> Once done, the LXR will prompt you to reboot and the new firmware will be running.


NB! Its always a good thing to back up your SD card contents before running the update in case the projects get scrambled during or after the update.

Have fun!

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