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LXR Drum update 1.5!

LXR Drum module update 1.5 is now available! It adds auto-save option and squashes bunch of bugs.



- Autosave

Module state is now retained after power cycle

- Drum preview

Use SHIFT + DRUM to preview voices while in EDIT or PERFORMANCE mode

- Performance mute 

You can now mute channels in performance mode - DRUM + VOICE = Mute

- Drum name display

Drum names are displayed when you are selecting the drum (eg Drum1 instead of voice 1)

- Morph kit name display

You can now see morph kit names in the performance screen


- Global CV routing not saved after power cycle
- Save problems when renaming kits
- Can't save kits in slots >99
- Removed "FX" as routing target from FX menu
- If voltage source sends short pulse upon startup to either CL HH or OP HH, the LXR glitches and outputs constant noise
- Fixed initial HH decay times
- Added save morph kit to save menu
- Morph setting was ignored, when parameters were changed manually


> Copy the latest LXRE_xxx.img to the root of the SD card.
> Push and hold the encoder button while turning on the device.
> “LXR Bootloader” will pop up in the display.
> The LXR will check if the firmware image is valid and has the proper checksum.
> If the check is passed, the update will be installed.
> Do not turn off the power during installation!
> Once done, the LXR will prompt you to reboot and the new firmware will be running.


NB! Its always a good thing to back up your SD card contents before running the update in case the projects get scrambled during or after the update.

Have fun!

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