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In Memoriam - Matīss Runtulis

A dear friend, colleague and one of the most talented Latvian producers has passed away

Mr. Myster was the alter ego and electronic music project of Matīss Runtulis. His diverse talent was often showcased in the local scene in an array of different projects. Further on Mr. Myster was one of the first musicians to participate in Erica Synths Garage live streams and became a collaborator for showcasing electronic music instruments. 

Matīss had a deep interest in exploring phenomenons like unconsciousness and intuition. Source of inspiration was often art forms happening in real-time - like jazz and different kinds of free improvisation. His musical path was bold and vibrant shifting between rock, jazz, electronica and more recently synth-pop with the band Bubble Gum ExpLOTION.

Matīss will be dearly missed. 

Condolences to the family and loved ones from Erica Synths team. 

Mr. Myster Soundcloud

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