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Pērkons 1.1 update!

This update adds chromatic tuning of the voices, adds one new algorithm and more!

Pērkons HD-01 update 1.1 changelog

• Chromatic MIDI note input

Set MIDI mode to multi-channel and you can program notes into the sequencer either by playing them live and recording or by pressing the desired step button and then sending in the MIDI note. Voice 1 = MIDI CH1, Voice 2 = MIDI CH2 etc.

• MIDI note velocity input

If the setting is ON in the configuration menu, MIDI notes will be recorded with velocity. Higher velocity means higher volume.

• New Algorithm - Digital Noise

A new algorithm has been added to the Voice 4, Algo 2, Mode 1 slot. It is based on Digital noise PCM. Tune sets the frequency, PARAM 1 sets Timbre and it also correlates with the Tune. PARAM2 sets the amplitude envelope attack time.

• Inverse ODDS behaviour option

If this setting is ON in the configuration menu, ODDS after the sequence start will play inversely. For example - if the ODDS of a step are set to 1/4, it will only play on the 4th bar instead of the first.

• FX parameters saving with KIT option

If the FX save setting is set to ON, the BBD settings (TIME, FEEDBACK) will be saved within the KIT.

• Improved trigger/MIDI note recording

Batter accuracy of note recording with the trigger keys, trigger input and MIDI.

To update the firmware of the PĒRKONS HD-01, power off the unit and remove the SD card. Connect the SD card to your computer and place the firmware update file onto the root directory of the card. Eject the card from your computer and place it back into the PĒRKONS. Mind the orientation - the golden pin strips should face upwards (you can see a printed icon indicating this on the panel of the synth). Hold all four voice trigger keys simultaneously while powering on the PĒRKONS - you will see the first row of sequencer steps light up - you can release the keys once the steps begin illuminating. Once the entire first row has lit up, the third row will light up, followed by the second and fourth rows. Once the final row has lit up, the PĒRKONS will boot normally - the firmware update has been installed successfully!



NB! Its always a good thing to back up your SD card contents before running the update in case the projects get scrambled during or after the update.

Have fun!

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Pērkons HD-01 back in stock!

Available with same day shipping!