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Sample Drum firmware update changelog

Make sure you have the latest firmware on your Sample Drum! Here is the list of firmware releases.

NB! You can update straight from 1.0 to 1.9 and still get all the features and fixes from previous releases. This also applies to all other versions for example if you are updating from 1.3 to 1.8!

Also after updating to 1.7 please perform the CV input auto calibration: 

1) Remove cables from all CV inputs!

2) Go to -> Settings -> General -> Press the encoder E 

Sample Drum firmware 1.9

- Improved LP and HP filter FX

Improved amplitude envelope response

- Faster long sample loading times

Fixed CV mapping to level bug 

- Minor bug fixes

Sample Drum firmware 1.8

- Improved OLED display performance

- Stereo sample load on channel 2 bug fixed

- Overall module stability improvements

- Minor bug fixes

Sample Drum firmware 1.7

- Fixed FX parameter mapping bug on performance screen

- Indicator for loaded projects

Now on Projects menu you can see on which side project is currently loaded 

[1] - channel 1, [2] - channel 2, [B] - both channels 

- Default CV range setting now is +-5V

- FX switching through mute

This eliminates clicks when rapidly switching effects 

- Improved rotary encoder response

- SD Card formatting on module

Now you can format SD card from the module. To do so go to general settings menu and press encoder B. This will erase all data on the SD card so make sure you have saved backup before doing this! Use this feature if only you're experiencing problems with your SD card. 

- Minor bug fixes

Sample Drum firmware 1.6

- 1v/oct CV scale setting added to the CV menu

- New graphics for CV scale settings

- 1V/Oct sample selecting (64 notes starting from C-0 select 64 samples)

- 1V/Oct slice selecting (32 notes starting from C-0 select 32 slices)

- Input jack detection on CV screen

- Wavefold FX improved

- Fixed slice reset bug on channel 2

- Trigger delay setting added 

This allows you to find the sweet spot between latency and best 1V/Oct input response! Setting is saved within project 

- CV input auto calibration 

1) Remove cables from all CV inputs!

2) Go to -> Settings -> General -> Press the encoder E 

! ! ! Please do the auto calibration procedure after installation of the 1.6 firmware ! ! !

Sample Drum firmware 1.5

- Stereo file load (choose which side of stereo file to load - L or R)

- Incremental name generation for projects and recordings

- Memory clear from the project menu

- CV offset info window pop-up screen for parameters mapped to CV inputs 

- Project autoload (if set to "on" loads last opened project)

- Channel pop-up disable option

- CV offset pop-up disable option (off by default)

- OLED auto dim

- Minor bug fixes 

Sample Drum firmware 1.3

- Slice move (both control) now works in performance mode

- Envelope settings precision changed to 1 from 0.01

- Added tone control for Drive FX

- Slice forward loop playback fixed

- Last saved project settings can be reloaded from performance screen (press buttons C & F)

- Relative envelope setting is now default

- Playback mode order changed

- Minor bug fixes


To update copy the latest firmware file to the root (top directory) of SD card. It should ask to update automatically if a new update is detected on the SD. If it doesnt - boot up the module by holding both trigger keys to enter the bootloader and select the firmware file and update the module manually. 

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