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Shifting focus of DIY series

The current line of Erica Synths DIY series modules will be discontinued & the remaining stock is available with 15 % off

Erica Synths has decided to shift the focus of its DIY kit development towards more educational kits, designed for learning the basics of electronics. They will be simple, affordable kits with extensive manuals about building and “how it works” and recommendations for modifications and experiments with design. We want to provide exciting teaching aids for electronics classes and for people who want to get deeper into electronics. Modules will be eurorack-compatible but will have some design compromises in order to make them understandable for beginners in electronics. We will continue to retail our current DIY modules while stocks last. We will not make future runs of our current designs and will terminate the customer support for DIY designs in the time of a year.

Good news is - the remaining stock is available now with 15 % off everything! 

DIY series

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