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Sinfonietta for 16 Oscillators

ConCord – sinfonietta for 16 well-tempered oscillators was composed and performed by composer Platon Buravicky during his residency in Erica Synths Studio on November 2020.

Platon Buravicky used custom, full analogue modular system, assembled in Erica Synths 3x126HP monster case. The system consists of 16 Black VCO2’s, 8 Black MIDI-CV interfaces, 4 Black Quad VCA’s, 6 Black Dual EG’s, 1 Black Envelope Generator and 9 Pico Scales. No VCF’s – all sounds come straight from VCO’s, expression is added by Black MIDI-CV module modulation output adjusted by Pico Scale. The system is sequenced by a score in Sibelius software and MOTU MIDI interface.

9 months, 4 weeks ago

Engadget reviews the SYNTRX

"This is, from a purely tactile standpoint, one of the finest instruments I’ve ever had the pleasure of using."

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