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Workshop: Techno System

Spanish only! See the video from the workshop with the Techno System!

The workshop hosted by our partner Cutoff Pro Audio will present the incredible possibilities offered by the creation of rhythms within the environment of eurorack modular. 

The capacity is limited - apply here

An introduction of the Techno System: 

Video from the workshop: 

7 months ago

Black CV Tools

Black CV Tools is fully analogue CV and audio processor module designed for advanced manipulations with signals – mixing, scaling, offsetting, wave-shaping, et cetera.

7 months ago

Workshop: Unusual Controllers and Patches

Amsterdam calling! A workshop by Girts at Modular Moon this Friday

7 months ago


This year on February 25th we have scheduled the release of what is probably the most impatiently waited and the last one to join the drum series modules - the Sample Drum.