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User review of the Sample Drum

''The Sample Drum already seems an indispensable piece in my system.''

''The sample drum is very engaging as a creative tool and makes it an absolute delight for techno, acid house, glitch and far out ambient excursions. I’m getting on with the workflow quite a bit, it’s a breeze. There are tons of performance features you wouldn’t expect: Effects, CV mapping, manual performance control, envelopes. The Sample Drum already seems an indispensable piece in my system. It’s a looping, slicing animal that rocks the block.''

Full article here

1 year ago

Erica Synths will attend Phonica Music Festival

Italy! This Saturday

1 year ago

Graphic VCO firmware update 1.1

Graphic VCO firmware update is out! Find out whats new and how to update.

1 year ago

Metapattern live at KONTAKTOR

Live improvised techno!