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Drum Sequencer

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The Drum Sequencer is easy to use, classical X0X style live performance oriented sequencer module that provides the ultimate control over your system. Erica Synths Drum Sequencer might be the last modular sequencer for drums and basslines you will ever have to buy!


  • 16x trigger outputs
  • 12x accent outs
  • 1x CV track with scales
  • 1x Gate track
  • 2x LFO with independent or synced to the BPM frequency
  • LFO attenuation per out
  • Max pattern length = 64 steps 
  • Time signature per Track
  • Direction per track/pattern
  • Pattern length per Track
  • Shuffle per track
  • Probability per step
  • Retrigger per step
  • Time shift per step
  • Instant pattern switching
  • Solo/Mute tracks
  • Step/Tap record modes
  • 8 Banks of 16 Patterns
  • Quick Copy/Paste per tracks & patterns
  • Pattern linking
  • Song mode
  • MIDI sync in with Start/Stop
  • External 4PPQ clock in
  • Firmware upgrade via MIDI SysEx​​

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.


This Drum Sequencer is easy to use, offering classical X0X style live performance and giving you ultimate control over your system. - MusicRadar names Drum Sequencer as the 4th best new eurorack module of 2018

The Erica Synths Drum Sequencer is a drum brain optimised for live performance with plenty of capacity for all your favourite patterns. When you factor in the generous track count and pattern pool, there’s no doubt this is a serious and beautifully conceived Eurorack drum brain. - Sound on Sound

Technical specifications

Trigger amplitude5V
Panel Width42 HP
Module depth30mm
Power consumption152mA@+12V, 56mA@-12V

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