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Drum Sequencer update changelog

Make sure you have the latest firmware on your Drum Sequencer! Here is the list of firmware releases.

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.032 


- Shuffle not working in MUTE screen 

- Encoder 2 not working in TAP mode 

- Sequencer sometimes not stopping when external clock is stopped 

- MIDI start/stop not working properly with some devices 

- Sometimes first step was missed when clocked with external clock 

- Pattern 10 “ghost” (sometimes would not load/save it properly) 

- Chained pattern number display 

- Issues with CV track (sometimes last step of track was not saved properly) 

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.035 


- Issues with analog CLOCK IN 

- Reset in sometimes not working correctly 

- S&H LFO sync times displayed incorrectly 

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.036 


- Issues with SHUFFLE 

- Issues with low BPM external clock 

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.038 


- More accurate master BPM calculation. 

- External clock in bug fix (Now works great as a slave to PNW). 

- Fixed accent out bug in TAP mode when the sequencer was stopped. 

- Fixed trigger length dropping while in FILL mode. 

- Improved gate length stability for the CV track. 



In CV track note edit menu press two step keys next to each other to enable slide from the left step to the right step. To remove note slide repeat the same procedure. Small “s” symbol at the length setting indicates that the slide is on. 


In CV track note edit page scroll the ENC 2 on the length setting until you reach the TIE setting. The gate will be high until next note trigger is reached. 


To access it press SHIFT + PLAY two times while sequencer is stopped. 


Now you can configure the 16th trigger to work as reset out. It will send out a trigger signal when the sequencer will be stopped. To enable it go to the master settings page 2 and set RST to ON. 


If you extend 1 bar sequence to example to 2 or 4 bars the first bar is automatically copied to the new bars. To enable this go to the second config page and set the CPY to AUT. Works by track and pattern. 


Now you can add or remove triggers on the STEP EVENTS page. To do so press SHIFT + STEP KEY of the trigger you want to turn on/off in the STEP EVENTS page. 

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.041 


- Unit randomly freezing for some users 

- Drum Sequencer now boots up in "normal" mode instead of "Techno System" mode after update 

- Enable/Disable accent with ENC2 is back 

- Improved overall stability of the sequencer 



In config 2nd page you can now set accent level for each of the accent out separately. 

When cursor is on AC1 select the channel you want to adjust with the regarding step key and then set the out level (5v or 10v) with ENC2. 

SONG MODE (beta)

To enter SONG WRITE press SHIFT + BANK once, to enter SONG PLAY press SHIFT + BANK twice. In SONG WRITE to preview the pattern press ENC2 while on PTR setting. To save a song press ENTER/REC. 

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.043 


- Random freezing for some users after 1.036 

- Improved LFO sync 

- LFO1 setting bug 

- CV track TAP keyboard fixes 

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.044 


- Improved LFO sync 

- LFO settings now reload correctly when changing patterns 

- BPM display now shows EXT instead of average clock when in CLK and MIDI modes 

- Last step on CV track is now saved 

- Mute screen when in MIDI mode now displays actual triggers 

- Pattern linking now working when in MIDI mode 

- Freezing for some users when changing clock modes 

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.048 


- Freezing for some users in CV track fixed 

- Freezing for some users when adjusting uTiming fixed 

- Accents are now off when the track is muted 

- Track 7 shuffle bug fixed 

- STOP and PLAY buttons are now off in clock slave mode 

- Improved CV track BAR copy 

- Improved TAP record on CV track 

- Improved pattern sync change 

- Improved gate length when timing scale changed 

- Improved group pattern switch 

- Bunch of other minor bug fixes 



Hold down MUTE button and select the tracks which you want to arm for muting. 

As you release the MUTE button all selected tracks will be muted. To clear all mutes press SHIFT + MUTE. 


Pattern reload allows you to reload previously saved state of the pattern. 

To do so press and hold ENC1 and then promptly press the ENC2. 


1) While in CV track press and hold SHIFT button + promptly press SHUFFLE button. 

2) Select the parameters with ENC1 and set the value with ENC2. 

3) For each of parameter you can set the probability percentage for these parameters NTE - note, OCT - octave, STP - step, LENG - length of step. 

4) To randomise track promptly press BANK button. 

5) To exit this mode press the Pattern button promptly. 


While in CV track NOTE EDIT menu with ENC1 set to NOTE edit press and hold SHIFT button + turn the ENCODER 2 to transpose notes. 

Hold SHIFT + TRIG SEL button while changing value to transpose only the selected BAR.

Drum Sequencer firmware 1.049 


- minor bug fixes

- freezing for some users in CV page



Now in second settings page you can change the behaviour of each accent out in MUTE screen. To do so select the MUT with ENC1 and then press the regarding trigger track buttons to choose the track for which you want to change the setting. Change the setting with ENC2.  (Same as for accent voltage setting) 

ON setting will mute the accent when MUTE is engaged on the corresponding track. 

OFF will leave the accent setting as it was in last step before mute was engaged. 


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