The Mini-Ark

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Unique guitar synth & tracking pedal

The MINI-ARK is a monophonic tracking device. This means that it works very differently on different types of sounds. For example, a monophonic guitar line is going to achieve far different results than a super compressed drum track. Snazzy FX recommends that you first think about the source you are putting into the box, and then adjust accordingly.

The Mini-ARK was designed with four goals in mind: 

  1. to work with as many different signals as possible 
  2. to track quickly 
  3. to allow for subtle as well as ridiculous sounds 
  4. to allow basic control over an external VCO and ADSR/VCA when using a bass or guitar using the GATE and SQUARE outputs (gate connects to gate in on an ADSR and SQUARE connects to the SYNC IN on an external VCO)


While Tracer City is in competition with some other analogue filter-boxes, the tape saturation effect Wow & Flutter with its concise sound and the Mini-Ark with the good tone, fast tracking and wide audio range are unquestionably recommended tools to spice up synthesizers and plug-ins or to customize their sound stamp. The direct access to the many controllers invites you to experiment and favors the effect boxes for both live and studio use. -Beat


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