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Erica Synths Acidbox III brings you the core of the famous Polivoks VCF in stereo version with a unique audio signal overdrive circuit, built in LFO and envelope follower in a compact, full aluminium case.


  • Polivoks core stereo lowpass/bandpass VCF with the original programmable opamps
  • Unique audio overdrive circuit
  • Versatile syncable LFO with 8 waveforms
  • Tap tempo button
  • Envelope follower with modulation level attenuverter
  • Master modulation control
  • Manual and CV control over cutoff frequency
  • Configurable control input for footswitch, expression pedal and external LFO/cutoff control
  • Adjustable input gain 

The Acidbox III has adjustable input gain, therefore it works with various sound sources – guitars, units with line level signals (synthesizers, grooveboxes, etc.) and modular synths. Configurable control input allows you to connect a bypass footswitch, expression pedal, external cutoff control voltage source and LFO synchronization trigger. This makes the Acidbox an ideal companion in almost every production or live performance setup.

A characterful, gritty analogue effect, made all the more flexible by its stereo signal path and modulation options. - Future Music Magazine lists Acidbox III among the best new studio gear of 2018

The acidbox III should appeal to many, thanks to its flexibility. On the most basic of levels, the stereo I/O makes it a perfect addition to a DJ rig, where real-time filtering is easy to control and trip in and out, thanks to the Bypass switch. The envelope follower will appeal to live musicians and there is nothing to stop users from using pedals to control elements such as Bypass on the fly. The Polivoks filter is characterful, with tons of charm, but very dirty with it – and as a useful colour in a number of settings, this could become a very valuable piece of kit for both live and studio work. - MusicTech Magazine rates Acidbox III 9 out of 10!

Erica Synths has finally made the Acidbox' third generation - stereo capable and thus hits the bull's eye. Now it can be applied to all types of signals: for flat mono synths, as a strong character filter or as a special effect in the DJ Booth. On top of that, guitarists and bass players can hook up their instruments and indulge in the funk creating by Envelope Follower shaping the input signal. The Acidbox III can also sound warm, but if you're looking for a comforting soft filter then you should look elsewhere. The Acidbox III sounds confidently different and immediately delivers inspiring results. Recommended to purchase! - Bonedo

Technical specifications:

Input signal levelup to 20V ptp
Input signal amplificationup to +20dB
Modulation CV levelup to 20Vptp
LFO Synchronization trigger level0-+5V 
Power supply: universal mains adapter 110-220V

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FAQ question_answer

  • Are the ACIDBOX III inputs and outputs balanced or unbalanced?
    The outputs are balanced, but the inputs are not.