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Ambereum Pagan Alliance

On 21/06 behind Erica Synths Headquarters in Andrejsala, Electronic Music Solstice Night: Ambereum Pagan Alliance will take place from 6 PM till 10 AM on 22/06

Ambereum Pagan Alliance is an electronic music celebration of Summer Solstice happening within the frameworks of the public programme of the Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art and produced by Erica Synths;

 The Summer Solstice party is programmed by Viron Erol Vert, the artist presented in the Riga Biennial (RIBOCA) with his culturally diverse sound-travel installation the Ambereum (at Dubulti Art Station, Jurmala). As Vert has worked closely connected in the legendary Berlin nightlife, he has a strong relation to the club Berghain, also called “Ostgut”, over more than two decades. 

Performances by 9 Riga and Berlin-based DJs and musicians including

DJ Uncle Sampl3 (Riga, Latvia)

Neda Sanai (Berlin,Germany, Iran)

Lakuti (Berlin, Germany, South Africa)

Tama Sumo (Berlin, Germany)

Hanno Hinkelbein (Berlin,Germany)

Merimell (Tallinn, Estonia)

Platons Buravickis (Riga, Latvia)

Sam Barker (Berlin, Germany / Great Britain)

Pauline Doutreluingne (Berlin, Germany).

Vert has put together a line-up of 9 Berlin and Riga-based “muses”, musicians, that will keep you up and out all night. This unique music event will take you to diverse forms of sounds, from experimental, afternoon, through a rough and funky techno night line-up to an ambient morning landing in the urban setting of Andrejsala, Riga. 

The local celebration of Summer Solstice the artist and music programmer Viron Erol Vert sets in innovative combination with the simultaneous enchanting of Apollon, the Greek God of Sound, and his 9 muses on the World Music Day (21.6.2018). 

The Nine Muses in Greek mythology have been an inspiration to artists since antiquity. They are Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania. The muses are the personification of literary arts, music, visual arts, and science. We all have that spark of a Muse within us to aid in our creative endeavors. Their lovely voices and dancing help to relieve sorrows of the past. Each Muse has her own domain over a particular gift in the arts such as music, art, and poetry, healing, light and sun, oracles, truth, knowledge, and prophecy were under their nurtured domain. The choice of 9 musicians in this case for Ambereum Pagan Alliance is inspired by the role of the nine muses in appreciation of music as a means of healing and rebirth.

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Future Music Magazine July 2018

Major thanks to Future Music Magazine for featuring Acidbox III, upcoming Techno System and Snazzy FX in the latest issue!

1 year ago

Erica Synths re-manufactured Snazzy FX cult pedals

SnazzyFX and Erica Synths teams up as Snazzy LV to bring back the experimental cult effect pedals Wow and Flutter, The Mini-Ark and Tracer City which we believe may expand minds and put musicians in touch with psychedelic music and creative impulses of the world.

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