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Future Music Magazine July 2018

Major thanks to Future Music Magazine for featuring Acidbox III, upcoming Techno System and Snazzy FX in the latest issue!

Acidbox III

Techno System news

Snazzy FX

8 months, 4 weeks ago

Erica Synths re-manufactured Snazzy FX cult pedals

SnazzyFX and Erica Synths teams up as Snazzy LV to bring back the experimental cult effect pedals Wow and Flutter, The Mini-Ark and Tracer City which we believe may expand minds and put musicians in touch with psychedelic music and creative impulses of the world.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Head to Erica Synths sale section! 40% off of more than 20 different modules. NB! None of the units are faulty or used, they are discontinued and in perfect condition!

9 months ago

Inside: Erica Synths from Telekom Electronic Beats

In the middle of February 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats came to Riga to film a feature about Erica Synths!