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Inside: Erica Synths from Telekom Electronic Beats

In the middle of February 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats came to Riga to film a feature about Erica Synths!

Erica Synths is behind a huge number of beloved Eurorack module offerings, not to mention its famous Fusionbox and Acidbox units, and we popped over to its Latvian HQ for the latest instalment of ‘Inside’ on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Discover the history and philosophy of this dynamic company, the passion that informs their cherished synth modules, plus the exciting reveal we can look forward to standalone synthesizers from the company in the near future.

BONUS: For all the hardware enthusiasts out there, two extra performances were captured during the Erica Synths visit showing Latvian artists putting the Erica gear through its paces.

9 months ago

Erica Synths will attend Moogfest 2018

Erica Synths will be at the Modular Marketplace at Moogfest 2018 & Marta SmiLga will do intro to patching at 3PM on 17/05! Do not miss if you're in Durham!

9 months, 2 weeks ago

CDM: Erica Synths made a modular techno system

What if you had all the modules you need to make techno and industrial in one rack?

9 months, 2 weeks ago

Superbooth news: Dual Drive

For extreme, distorted drums Dual Drive module is a must! It features two identical sections with adjustable Gain and Overdrive, each with three flavors of overdrive. CV control over Gain and Drive add more expression to drum sounds. The module can be used in the stereo applications, as well.