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CDM: The synth modules of winter, eurorack radar

CDM reports: The waves of synth modules never stop coming, as obsessed engineers keep making them and sound tinkerers keep buying them.
Lightning in a bottle. Gamechanger have a wild technology that lets you “play a lightning bolt” – basically, incorporating Tesla Coils into their hardware. They’ve done that once with Plasma Pedal, which we hope to test soon. With Erica, they’ll stick this in a module – and let you use high-voltage discharges in a xenon-filled tube. That looks cool and should sound wild; you get distortion with CV control in this module, octave up/down tracking oscillators for still more harmonics, and even an assignable pre/post- EQ. 
Erica Synths does the Sample Drum. This one’s sure to be a big hit, I think – not only for people wanting a drum module, per se, but presumably anyone interested in sample manipulation. Sample Drum plays and (finally!) records, with manual and automatic sample slicing, and three assignable CV inputs per channel. There are even effects onboard … which actually makes me wonder why we can’t have something like this as a desktop unit, too. You even can embed cue points in WAV. SD card storage. Looks terrific.
Read the full article featuring many of the hot eurorack news from this cold winter here
P.S. If you don't already, we here at Erica Synths feel like CDM is THE media to follow for extensive and in depth approach to gear news and more. It's the one place that offers so much more than a copy/paste of a manufacturers press release. 

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Black CV Tools

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Workshop: Unusual Controllers and Patches

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